Updated August 13th, 2002
Founded in the mid ‘60’s, Kar Basher Ltd. has become an established, reputable business serving Edmonton and surrounding areas. Providing high quality auto parts matched with high standards, Kar Basher takes pride in serving its customers.

Kar Basher, with roots in Manitoba, Alberta, expanded its way across Western Canada, first to Saskatchewan, followed by Calgary and then Edmonton on a 40 acre site. Initially a car crushing operation, Kar Basher has expanded its services to offer both self serve and full serve facilities for its growing list of clients. You can find vehicles from cars to medium sized trucks in a wide variety of domestic and imported models ranging from the '50s to late model production.
For those seeking the utmost in low cost, Kar Basher will even lend you tools to remove your own engine, transmission, rear end, starter, alternator seat, ac compressor, wheel, speedo, etc. At the same time our full serve division can have its technicians to remove front clips, doors, hoods, fenders, bumpers, etc. for you.
We offer 30 day exchange/credit and no core charge on self serve parts. In addition, there is free Hollander cross-reference on parts and free tools loan which provides value and assistance to our patrons.

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